How to plant potted grape vines

Potted grape vines can be planted from early spring untill late autumn, as long as the soil is frost-free.
Our potted resistant table grape plants already have a well-developed root system. All grape varieties in our range are vigorous and therefore particularly suitable for high trellis and pergolas.

Unpack the vine plants immediately after delivery.
Remove the stretch film from the pot that protects the root system of the vine plant from damage in transit. Then immerse the whole root ball with the pot in water for 1 minute. The point is to moisten the roots after transport. Until you decide to plant, you can leave the vine plants in partial shade and leeward for a short time. However, you must remember to water them regularly.

Just before planting, take the vine plant out of the container.
Do not disassemble the root ball, do not cut the roots! Before planting, submerge the root ball in the water for a short while. Vines should be planted in a row at a distance of 1.2 to 1.5 m. Planting pit should be dug to a depth of 50-60 cm. After the rain, water must not accumulate in the pit for a long period of time. This means that the subsoil below the pit should be permeable to water. Insert the vine plant vertically into the pit so that the grafting point is approx. 4 cm above the ground after planting. If the quality of the garden soil is poor, we recommend using a high-quality substrate or compost. It is always necessary to provide the vine plant with a stick so that the young shoot can be built up in a straight line. After planting, sprinkle the organic cattle manure granulate fertilizer on the surface, about a handful per one plant. Do not sprinkle fertilizer directly into the pit as it could burn the roots!

Basically, you plant the vine plants early in the morning or late in the evening.
After planting, pour the vine plants with enough clean water without fertilizer. The water in the planting pit must not stand, but must escape into the subsoil, otherwise the plant threatens to die. During the vegetation period, we recommend the use of water soluble crystalline fertilizers with trace elements, required for the healthy growth of the vine as foliar nutrition. Spray the vine on the leaf early in the morning or late at night once every two weeks. The same water-soluble fertilizer can also be used as nutrition for irrigation a week after planting. Irrigate daily until the vine is rooted in soil (2-3 weeks). This is especially true in the summer months during the summer heat. Be careful not to exceed the recommended dosage on the instructions for use. It does not happen often, but in general the over- dosing with mineral fertilizer cause the grape vines dying.

How to prepare a planted grape vines for winter?
To avoid winter frost damage, cover up the young vine plants properly in pre-winter with a mixture of sand and wood sawdust to ensure that the lower eyes do not freeze or dry out.

What do we definitely not recommend?
We do not recommend to leave the vine plants in the pots, before wintering, but only to plant them outdoors, as the vines are usually planted. Why not leave it in the pots? Because the above-ground part of the grape vine plant usually dries out during the winter.
We do not recommend keep grape vines during the winter inside.