How to plant potted grape vines?

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Potted grape vines can be planted from early spring untill late autumn, as long as the soil is frost-free. On the basis that the potted grape vines already have a well-developed root system, the transplantation success is almost 100%.

The advantage is also that you do not have to plant the rooted vines immediately after receiving them, but you can adjust the planting time to your needs and of course depending on the weather. Please unpack the grape vines immediately after receipt. You can leave the grape vines for a short time in the half shade and left in the container until you decide to plant. Especially in the summer months do not forget the regular daily watering. Before planting, remove the plants from the container. Vines are planted at a distance of 1.2 to 1.5 m in the row. Planting pit should be dig to a depth of 50-60 cm. We recommend using a high quality substrate or compost when the quality of the soil is poor.

After planting, spread the organic fertilizer into the surface, about one handful per plant. Do not put fertilizer directly into the pit because you could burn the roots. Basically, plant the vine early in the morning or late in the evening. The correct plant depth is reached when the top of plant projects about 3 cm above the earth's surface. After planting, pour the grape vines with enough water without fertilizer. Our grape varieties have a strong growth and therefore are very suitable for high trellis and pergolas. It is always necessary to provide the vine with a rod, so that the young shoot can be erected in a straight line. During the vegetation period, we recommend the use of water soluble crystal fertilizers with trace elements, required for the healthy growth of the vine as foliar nutrition. Irrigate daily until the vine is rooted in soil (2-3 weeks). This is especially true in the summer months during the summer heat. Be careful not to exceed the recommended dosage on the instructions for use. It does not happen often, but in general the over-dosing with mineral fertilizer cause the grape vines dying.