Privacy policy

When processing data, we undertake to comply with the regulation of the European Parliament and the EU Council 679/2016 and the Slovak law 18/2018 Z.z. to protect natural persons when processing personal data and for free data traffic (GDPR).

Data protection

Slovplant s.r.o., IČO: 35754206, IČDPH: SK2020204065, Potočná 9, 90091 Limbach, declares that all personal data will be treated in strict confidence and that it will treat personal data in accordance with the rules for processing personal data set out in the European Parliament regulation.

What data do we collect?

For order processing, we need your first and last name (or company name, company ID, sales tax identification number), address (billing or delivery address), cell phone number and email address. All your orders are registered in our database. When picking up an order that has been prepaid via the Internet (or via bank transfer) or when picking up a complaint, you may be required to provide identification to avoid damage and prevent money laundering. Without sending one of these documents, we can refuse to issue or take back the goods or funds.

Use of personal data

For order processing and to deliver the goods to their destination, we have to communicate with you and know the above-mentioned data. We receive this either permanently or temporarily when you register. Since your personal data is collected for the purpose of doing business, your express consent is not required.

How can you influence the existence of this data?

After logging into the e-shop, you can edit or delete this data. (For accounting reasons, it is not possible to change your payment information.) If you would like to completely cancel your registration, simply send an email to Our administrator will then delete your data from our database.

Information about cookies and their use by Slovplant s.r.o.

By entering into a sales contract with the seller, the buyer agrees to the storage of cookies in his web browser by Slovplant s.r.o. At the same time, he agrees to link his personal data made available to the seller in accordance with the general terms and conditions in order to fulfill the object of the purchase contract with the information contained in cookies that is stored in his web browser or is already saved. The buyer declares that he gives this consent on a voluntary basis, knowing all the information, in particular the above-mentioned data, which is stored in cookies on his end device. The buyer must give this consent until the withdrawal.

Slovplant s.r.o. respects the privacy of anyone who visits their website and uses all information collected about users or buyers primarily to improve their services. This is achieved by handling information appropriately. Slovplant s.r.o. uses cookies technology only to improve and simplify the user experience on the website, to optimize the website for users, to provide better services for the buyer and for marketing purposes to improve customer service for current and future customers.

Slovplant s.r.o. uses 2 types of cookies:
Permanent cookies - These remain in the end device of the user or buyer of the website until they are deleted.
Temporary Cookies - These are automatically deleted when the user's website or buyer ends.

In case of dissatisfaction or objection, buyers and users can contact Slovplant s.r.o., Potočná 9, 90091 Limbach directly.