Planting instructions for grafted bareroot grape vines

Bareroot grape vines can only be planted in the dormancy. This means at the time when the plant is not growing - in the spring and late autumn.
Bare-root grape vines are very sensitive to dehydration of the roots. Before shipping, we wrap the vine with moistened roots in stretch film, which ensures that the roots do not dry out during transport.

Once you get the bareroot vine, you need to secure the roots against dehydration.

That said, the best is to plant the grape vine immediately in the soil. If this is not possible and you plant the next day, soak the roots in water. But be careful, the roots can be soaked in water for a maximum of 24 hours! It is also possible to unpack the vine and cover the roots with moist soil, damp sand or sawdust and put them in the shade.
Caution: Never expose vines in plastic bags to sunlight! Heat damage is the result. Never leave the vines free, the fine roots dry out immediately. Do not remove wax on the grape-vine top!

Dig out the planting pit
In the pit, water should not accumulate for a long time after the rain. This means that the ground below the pit should be permeable to water. The water in the planting pit must not stand, but must escape into the ground, otherwise it threatens that the plant dies. Planting pit should have dimensions 40x40x60 cm. On fertile soils smaller pits are sufficient. At sites with barren rocky soil, we recommend replacing the soil completely, or at least the lower soil layer. If the quality of the garden soil is poor, we recommend the use of a high-quality culture substrate or garden compost. Never put fresh manure or fertilizer in to the planting pit!

Grafting point should be at least 4 cm above the ground level. Put a grape vine in to pit. Spread roots on all sides and cover them with fine fertile soil and press well. Pour 5 liter of water into the planting pit without soil pressing. Let water seep through. Fill the planting pit with soil.

How to prepare a planted grape vines for winter?
To avoid winter damage, properly cover up the grape vines after planting with a mixture of sand and wood sawdust to ensure that the lower eyes do not freeze or dry out.

What do we definitely not recommend?
We do not recommend planting the grape vines in to pots, only in to the open ground, as grape vines are usually planted. Why not in pots? Because if planted in to pot the above-ground part of the grape vine plant usually dries out during the winter. We do not recommend keep grape vines during the winter inside.

If the shoots have reached a length of 7 - 10 cm, you leave the strongest vertical shoot standing. All other shoots are removed. Shoot regularly from 15 cm in length.