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Very promising early blue table grape variety with large attractive market grapes, very large berries with a pleasant taste and high resistance to fungal diseases and frost.

Parents: Talisman x Velika
Flowers: hermaphroditic, self-fertile
Growing season: early, 115 - 125 days, ripens in the second half of August
Shoot vigour: strong
Clusters: large, weight 800 - 1600 g, conical, moderately dense. Ripe grapes can hang on the bush for a long time without losing quality.
Berry: very large, weight 15 - 20 g, size 36 x 30 mm, oval, fine skin. Balanced in size, even in rainy weather, the berries are resistant to cracking and do not rot.
Pulp: fleshy, juicy with good sugar accumulation
Berry color: dark blue
Taste: pleasantly harmonious
Sugar content: 88 - 96°Oe
Crop: heavy, we recommend cluster thinning to prevent overcropping

Early ripens in second half of August
Type of variety
Table grape suitable for fresh consumption

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BARON bare-root grafted table grapevine

  • Breeder/Origin: Burdak Alexander Vasilievič, Radevičevo, Ukrajina
  • Product Code: Baron bareroot
  • Availability: no longer available
  • Will be delivered as: bare-root grafted table grapevine
  • Cold hardiness: -23°С
  • Resistance to powdery mildew : 7 Point
  • Resistance to downy mildew : 7 Point

Our grape vine plants are made of two components: hybrid rootstock and multihybrid grape variety.
Used hybrid rootstock is product made of crossing two wild species: Vitis berlandieri x Vitis riparia.
Multihybrid grape variety is product made of crossing multiple wild species: Vitis amurensis, Vitis vinifera, Vitis labrusca and Vitis rupestris.