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Very early pink table grape variety with large, elegant market grapes, extra-large, impressive berries and high resistance to fungal diseases and frost. Despite the fact that this variety was only recently created, it has already gained great popularity among winegrowers due to its delicious taste, rich harvests and low growing demands. Many winegrowers, not just amateurs but also experts, consider Dubovsky Rozovyj to be one of the greatest successes in table grape selection in recent years.

Parents: Vostorg Krasny x Jubiley Novocherkask
Flowers: hermaphroditic, self-fertile
Growing season: very early, 105 - 110 days, ripens in first half of August
Shoot vigour: strong, shoots ripen well
Clusters: large, weight 1000 - 1500 g, conical, look disheveled, sometimes branched, moderately dense to sparse. Ripe clusters can hang on the bush for a long time without losing quality. Grapes have good transportability.
Berry: very large, weight up to 20 g, size 50 x 30 mm. Berries are the most expressive of this variety, very impressive for their particular shape. Conical, elongated, pointed, sometimes curved at the tip.
Pulp: crispy while juicy with high sugar accumulation
Berry color: initially green, when fully ripe, gradually turning to dark pink. The shoots also often have a reddish color.
Taste: harmonious, pleasantly sweet, highly valued
Sugar content: 92 - 96°Oe
Crop: heavy, we recommend cluster thinning to prevent overcropping

Very early ripens in first half of August
Type of variety
Table grape suitable for fresh consumption

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DUBOVSKI ROZOVY bare-root grafted table grapevine

Our grape vine plants are made of two components: hybrid rootstock and multihybrid grape variety.
Used hybrid rootstock is product made of crossing two wild species: Vitis berlandieri x Vitis riparia.
Multihybrid grape variety is product made of crossing multiple wild species: Vitis amurensis, Vitis vinifera, Vitis labrusca and Vitis rupestris.